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28 Apr 2023 by: CCMI

At the Firm  The team has been busy with quarterly activities, including rebalancing and putting together quarterly investment reports. This is the first run of…

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30 Mar 2023 by: CCMI

At the Firm  The team has been working hard getting two regulatory requirements—our new client brochure and Form CRS—completed, posted on our website, and sent…

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28 Oct 2022 by: CCMI

At the Firm CCMI hosted a webinar with Michael Townsend, Schwab’s Managing Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs. He shared his insights on the upcoming…

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Out & About – November 2021
24 Nov 2021 by: CCMI

At the Firm The CCMI team has been hard at work providing documents for our annual custody audit. For those accounts where we connect to…

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Out & About – October 2021
28 Oct 2021 by: CCMI

At the Firm The CCMI team was busy rebalancing portfolios and preparing quarterly investment reports this month. For rebalancing, the team has the processes fairly…

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Out & About – September 2021
29 Sep 2021 by: CCMI

At the Firm Matt Showley attended several virtual events this month. Matt attended one as a member of the Scripps Health Foundation Gift Planning Advisory…

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Out & About – August 2021
31 Aug 2021 by: CCMI

At the Firm CCMI welcomed Tina Vieregg to the team in August. She brings a wealth of experience to CCMI. We look forward to Tina…

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Out & About – July 2020
30 Jul 2020 by: CCMI

At the Firm… The CCMI team continues to work on enhancements to our new website.  We look forward to sharing updates as new features are…

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3 Reasons We Hate To See Comic-Con 2020 Cancelled
28 Jul 2020 by: CCMI

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had an enormous impact on event planning, including the 2020 San Diego Comic Convention (San Diego Comic-Con). While there are…

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What Our New Website Means For You
18 Jun 2020 by: CCMI

We redesigned our look and rebuilt our website from the ground up—for you.  As we constantly look toward the future, we have created an online…

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