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30 Mar 2023 by: CCMI 

At the Firm 

The team has been working hard getting two regulatory requirements—our new client brochure and Form CRS—completed, posted on our website, and sent out to our clients. If you need a copy, please let us know!

The team continues to work on refining our new CRM system and using many of its new, powerful features. Katie is taking the lead in getting CCMI using this tool to its potential. Matt’s Vistage group was onsite at CCMI for a full-day session focusing on the importance of company culture. CCMI celebrates the culture we have created for our team and we hope it shines through for our clients in everything we do.

Kim, Jessica, and Monica assisted with taxes for clients by providing relevant 2022 tax information, such as 1099s, charitable stock donations, and other documents, to them and/or their CPAs as needed.

Kim attended Rotary Club 33 as a guest and saw Sam the Cooking guy speak. He had a compelling story about his journey from growing up in Canada to having his own cooking show. She also attended the monthly Estate Planning Council meeting and learned more about asset protection. Kim continues her role as the Membership co-chair for Women in Business and attended the March program, Burn Your To-Do List, which provided helpful tips for everyday organizing.

Tina has been busy preparing financial plans and keeping up to date on the changes to regulations. She attended a North County Estate Planning Council meeting earlier in the month. Judges from the probate court and local attorneys explained their best practices in estate planning so families can avoid costly litigation. Tina also participated in a Retirement Series seminar to learn about opportunities for saving in retirement. 

On the Home Front

The Matter family enjoyed a ski trip to Brian Head, UT in late February and it was quite an adventure. Driving to and from the destination was especially hair-raising; it included a “brownout” due to sand blowing across the freeway, over six tractor-trailers overturned due to wind, and snow on the 15 freeway near the Nevada state line. The family had a great time skiing and snowmobiling in very cold weather (with wind chill it was typically below zero!).

Matt and his family enjoyed a week in Mammoth, where they had everything from clear skies to whiteout blizzard conditions. They were able to get in four days of skiing and had a great time!

Kim and Tyler traveled to Park City with their friends from San Diego and also met up with Kim’s childhood friend Lena and her family from New Hampshire. They enjoyed an entire week of lots of snow, good laughs, skiing for Kim, and hiking in the snow for Tyler. Kim’s Garmin watch tracked 90 miles of skiing over the week! They ended the trip with a horse-drawn sleigh ride and a nice dinner on the mountain as a group.

The Vieregg family spent a weekend together celebrating their daughter Sara’s 23rd birthday. They also hosted brunch for Tina’s extended family while her sister and niece were in town visiting from Ohio and joined in a raft up in Glorietta Bay with 30 other SDYC Cruising Fleet members—with Mike and Monica Larson making a guest appearance!

Monica and Mike met up earlier in the month with Tina and Dave for a bonfire at the bay, which is becoming a fun annual event. Monica was happy to watch in person her alma mater SDSU win the Mountain West Championship for basketball! She and Mike enjoyed pre- and post-game celebrations with friends. Monica and her “coffee group girlfriends” threw a party to celebrate a dear friend and her husband who are moving out of San Diego. They celebrated the 11-year friendship with dinner, memories, and laughter.

March continued to be a celebratory month for Abby with her family and friends. For one of her girlfriend’s birthdays, she went to see R-E-S-P-E-C-T in Coronado, which she enjoyed and recommends. Abby and her kids visited the flower fields in Carlsbad for the first time, and though it was a cloudy day it was still beautiful. Abby loves that they’ve made a point to spend time together at least once a month.

The Hurleys enjoyed a visit from their aunt and uncle from Faversham, England. It was very special since it was the first time Olivia and Gigi met their family from across the pond. Gigi had her first ballet and tap recital. She was a little shy, but her parents were very proud of her effort. Jessica helped out with a tile mural art project at Olivia’s school. She also enjoyed being the second grade class Mystery Reader one Friday morning.

Katie traveled to Austin to connect with friends from college. The girls group traveled in from all over the U.S. and enjoyed their time away together. The highlights of the trip included a visit to Chip and Joanna’s Magnolia Market at the Silos, eating Franklin’s BBQ, and taking a stroll along the Austin Riverwalk. The best part of the month, however, was when Katie picked up Ansley from daycare after flying back into town. The sheer excitement in Ansley’s face when she ran over to Katie—might have been the best moment of the year!

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