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Retirement Savings Plans for Businesses: CalSavers and the SECURE and CARES Acts

Did you know that 59 percent of working-age Americans have no retirement savings at all according to a 2018 report from the National Institute on…

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1 Apr 2020 by: Brian Matter

As we follow the government’s orders to stay home, many of us are finding ourselves inundated with information and updates on the impact of the…

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What’s It Worth? Four Reasons a Business Owner Should Have a Valuation
25 Oct 2019 by: Brian Matter

  Business valuations have been in the news recently thanks to WeWork’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) struggles.  The company was touted as the “next big…

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A Retirement Interview from CCMI’s Founders
12 Sep 2019 by: Brian Matter

The following is an interview with Peg and Bob Eddy. We asked them to share some of their perspectives regarding their retirement on May 1,…

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Business Finances and Personal Finances
16 Aug 2018 by: Matt Showley

Are you a business owner who makes their personal finances as important as your business finances?  No business owner is typical, but most spend considerable…

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Business Succession: Lessons Learned from CCMI’s Recent Transition
11 Aug 2017 by: Matt Showley

Alan Lakein said, “Failing to plan, means planning to fail.” This quote can be especially true when referring to business succession planning.  While CCMI has…

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Financial Quiz
20 Jun 2017 by: Matt Ryan

It’s time to test your level of financial acumen. Below is a financial literacy quiz we have prepared for different stages of one’s financial life….

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CCMI Named One of the Top Ten Wealth Managers in San Diego
22 Mar 2017 by: jhurley

For the third consecutive year, CCMI has been named one of the “Top 10 Wealth Managers in San Diego California” by Advisory HQ News Media…

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Meet the Firm’s Successors
25 Jan 2017 by: jhurley

CCMI has helped clients make better financial decisions for more than forty years. When the CCMI founders retire on April 30, 2017, their successors, Certified…

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Thinking About a New Career Direction in 2017? Here’s How to Prepare For Your Own Business
18 Jan 2017 by: jhurley

If you’ve ever fantasized about quitting your job and starting a business, you’re certainly not alone. But it’s definitely not something to do on a whim….

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