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Value Acceleration in Your Business – The Triggering Event
27 Aug 2021 by: Brian Matter

The Goal = A Successful Business Exit The Strategy = Focusing on Creating Business Value in Addition to Income Where to Start? = You may…

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Intellectual Capital Makes All the Difference in Your Ability to Sell Your Business
24 Jun 2021 by: Brian Matter

Many business owners believe their business will sell overnight. When they finally go to market to find a buyer, those same owners are often surprised…

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Business Sale and the Need for a Three-Legged Stool
28 May 2021 by: Brian Matter

“Am I ready to sell my business?”   The Exit Planning Institute’s State of Owner Readiness Survey shows most business owners will not be ready and…

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Business Owners’ False Dilemma – Value Versus Income
28 Apr 2021 by: Brian Matter

A false dilemma is a fallacy based on an “either-or” type of argument. Two choices are presented (when many more likely exist) and the claim…

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Payroll Tax Holiday – What Business Owners, Employees, and Retirees Need to Know
29 Sep 2020 by: Brian Matter

On August 8, President Trump signed a series of executive orders hoping to stimulate the U.S. economy as Congress remained at odds over an agreement…

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How to Increase the Value of Your Business and Exit Your Company Successfully
22 Sep 2020 by: Matt Showley

If you’re a business owner who is ready to exit your company, there are steps you can take to increase the value of your business…

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Retirement Savings Plans for Businesses: CalSavers and the SECURE and CARES Acts

Did you know that 59 percent of working-age Americans have no retirement savings at all according to a 2018 report from the National Institute on…

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1 Apr 2020 by: Brian Matter

As we follow the government’s orders to stay home, many of us are finding ourselves inundated with information and updates on the impact of the…

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What’s It Worth? Four Reasons a Business Owner Should Have a Valuation
25 Oct 2019 by: Brian Matter

  Business valuations have been in the news recently thanks to WeWork’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) struggles.  The company was touted as the “next big…

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A Retirement Interview from CCMI’s Founders
12 Sep 2019 by: Brian Matter

The following is an interview with Peg and Bob Eddy. We asked them to share some of their perspectives regarding their retirement on May 1,…

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