Money Matters
Out & About – December 2022
22 Dec 2022 by: CCMI

At the Firm  The CCMI team enjoyed celebrating Kim’s birthday at our quarterly birthday lunch in December. Following the luncheon, the team went to Target…

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What is Tax-Loss Harvesting? And Why You May Want to Consider It Before Year-End

With the stock markets down, you may be concerned looking at the performance and value of your investments. Some of your securities, which you may…

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2022 Year-End Tax Planning Checklist

As 2022 quickly draws to a close, there are various planning issues to consider that may affect your tax payments and financial situation in 2023….

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30 Nov 2022 by: CCMI

At the Firm The CCMI team enjoyed a Padres-themed Halloween. Win or lose, we celebrated the Padres that day complete with a rally goose (Kim),…

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Time to Exit Your Business? 10 Questions to Help Decide if You’re Ready to Sell

“Do I keep growing the business or is it time to exit?” This question was recently posed by a San Diego business owner who was…

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5 Steps to Building an Impactful Charitable Giving Plan

Supporting worthwhile organizations and causes through charitable giving is a goal many clients share in their personal financial plans. Perhaps you’re interested in gifting around…

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28 Oct 2022 by: CCMI

At the Firm CCMI hosted a webinar with Michael Townsend, Schwab’s Managing Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs. He shared his insights on the upcoming…

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5 Steps Retirees Should Take to Manage the Risks of High Inflation
25 Oct 2022 by: Matt Showley

Everyone is feeling the pinch of higher inflation, especially the rising costs of goods from groceries to gas. However, groups such as retirees face a…

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Get to Know You: Meet CCMI Advisor Tina Vieregg
30 Sep 2022 by: CCMI

The career of CCMI advisor Tina Vieregg CFP®, BFA™, has been a journey that has refined her skills, client relationships, and perspective on what gives…

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Using the Spousal IRA to Keep Retirement on Track During the Great Resignation
29 Sep 2022 by: Sheila Hoopes
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In a blog post last year on Financial Tips for the Great Resignation, CCMI’s Tina Vieregg, CFP®, BFA™ wrote about many workers resigning from their…

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