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Out & About – August 2021

31 Aug 2021 by: CCMI 

At the Firm

CCMI welcomed Tina Vieregg to the team in August. She brings a wealth of experience to CCMI. We look forward to Tina getting to know more clients in the coming months!

CCMI team members completed their annual performance reviews and individual goal-setting process in August. One of the core values of CCMI is strengthening our team through continual learning so we can provide the highest level of services to our clients. Annually, the team charts out areas where they want to grow and projects we need to work on to continue improving our services for our clients.

The CCMI team held our annual shredding week the first week of August during which we allowed our clients to drop off their shredding. While we usually hold this event after tax season, we held off due to various pandemic related restrictions. Apparently a lot of people have been saving up shredding, as the CCMI office held a lot of boxes until our shredding company picked them up the following week!

Kim continues to work toward completing her Certified Financial Transitionist (CeFT) designation, which includes Zoom meetings, case studies, project work, and lots of reading. Kim is learning about many tools that can help with the softer side of financial planning while helping clients who are dealing with major life events. She will complete her case study and exam in December.

This month, Matt Ryan took a deep dive into the software we use for rebalancing to look for ways CCMI can further leverage the tool to become more efficient from a trading standpoint for our clients and our advisors.

Tina’s first month with CCMI has been a busy one. She has been learning the firm’s processes and procedures in addition to meeting some of the clients. She has enjoyed using the tools and technology that provide efficiencies in the office and has been very impressed with the attention to detail from the team.

On the Home Front

Brian‘s family enjoyed squeezing in as much as possible to wrap up summer. The first weekend in August, the family went beach camping at San Elijo. The Matter kids enjoyed a lot of surfing during their time at the beach.  

Mid-August, Brian, Nikki, and Kai went to Bozeman, MT to celebrate Kai’s 12th birthday (following the tradition of each kid getting to choose where to celebrate their 12th birthday somewhere in the continental US with just Mom and Dad). They enjoyed a long weekend that included lots of fishing (Kai caught 14 fish while fly fishing!), river rafting, hiking (pictured at Ousel Falls), and eating far too much. Finally, all three Matter kids started new schools in August.  Emma (age 14) started 9th grade in high school, Kai (age 12) started 6th grade in middle school, and Koa (age 9) started 3rd grade. So far the school year is off to a great start.

Matt Showley and his family traveled to the Palmer, AK area for a family friend’s wedding on a picturesque lake high up in the mountains. They had light rain most days but were able to do several hikes, fishing, canoeing, rafting down a river, and a glacier tour, and even took off-road vehicles up a river valley toward a glacier (until they got stuck in waist-deep water and had to be towed out). It was an exciting and eventful trip to a stunning area of the country.

Matt Ryan and his wife Jess have had their hands full outside work as their eight-month-old son, Reid,has started crawling and ventures around the house nonstop. Matt spent a few weekend days this month baby-proofing the house to make sure no sharp edges remain and nothing breakable is on the bottom shelves. 

Kim decided to do a challenge in the month of August where she and a group of her friends did 10,000 steps per day and kept each other accountable. It was a good way to kickstart the month with lots of exercise before (and during) her vacation!

Kim and Tyler visited family in Maine, a long overdue trip! They enjoyed catching up with family and friends, some of whom Kim hadn’t seen in years. They spent time in Kim’s hometown in northern Maine, but spent the majority in southern Maine relaxing by the beach.

Tina and her husband Dave sailed in a fun regatta in Mission Bay and got first place, which was very exciting! Their youngest daughter, Sara, went back to college in Colorado, so they are officially empty nesters again. Earlier in the month, their two nieces (ages 16 and 13) came to San Diego for a visit and they went to both Disneyland and California Adventure (yes, in one day!), enjoyed the beaches, boating, and shopping, of course! Tina attended a wedding shower for another family member later in the month. In their spare time, they have been doing some yard enhancements at their home in Carlsbad.

Monica was able to celebrate her late July birthday with a yummy outdoor brunch with her family. Mike and Monica have been inviting friends over on the weekends for stone-fired pizzas on their Green Egg. They have been experimenting with different crusts and toppings. It is a fun and creative outlet for all involved. Monica also hosted a spa themed 60th birthday party for a close friend that included brunch and pedicures!

In August, Sheila, John, and Anastasia were able to celebrate the summer with several friends and family they hadn’t seen in person for a long time. John’s parents visited them from Palm Desert one weekend, and they spent another Saturday at the beach with John’s coworkers. To round out the month, they met up with John’s brother’s family at Disneyland and California Adventure, where Anastasia got to see her cousins after a long time apart. It was nice to see them in person again!

Abby had a few gatherings in August, her birthday month.  Abby got to see a  couple of family members and friends during trips to Las Vegas and Columbus, Ohio, as well as a day trip to float down the Colorado River. They were quick trips, but still nice to get away, celebrate, and enjoy time with family and friends.

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