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Get to Know You: Meet CCMI’s Newest Principal and Owner, Kim Benson

31 Aug 2022 by: CCMI  ,

CCMI Principal and Owner, Kim Benson, CFP®, CPA, CeFT®, has always had a passion for helping others and guiding them in their financial decisions, something that has driven many of the choices in her life. For example, after pursuing her Bachelor of Science in business administration from Bryant University in Rhode Island, Kim started her career by working towards becoming a CPA by working for a large public accounting firm in Boston. While the role was exciting and included traveling and learning about how different companies operate, she eventually wanted to be a part of one company, and landed at an aerospace company in Charlotte, NC. She had a successful career, working in roles of increasing responsibility in corporate finance for over a decade, including working in France as an expat for two years, then eventually San Diego in 2007. As the company continued to grow and become acquired by a much larger company, she decided to leave her position and pursue a more balanced life. While Kim has always been intrigued by airplanes and enjoyed supporting the major decision makers in the company, she wanted a role that could truly make a difference in people’s personal lives. Kim joined CCMI in 2015 and became a Certified Financial Planner™️ which began a shift that has become more aligned with her long-term goals and values. Kim was made a Principal at CCMI in August 2022. 

A New Chapter, a New Path

There is a certain excitement Kim feels when she does something outside her comfort zone. This career shift has allowed Kim to make stronger connections and more deeply understand clients’ needs and how they affect their lives and aligning them with their goals. As she helped more clients navigate common yet emotional life transitions such as working through the loss of a loved one, going through a career change, and simply with making life changing decisions, she became interested in how mental well-being can affect financial decisions. As change is something she is comfortable with and has experienced over and over again, she has developed a genuine interest in better understanding not only the financial implications but the personal side that really drives these major decisions. Kim sharpened her skills by acquiring the Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®) designation, which focuses on the emotional aspects of financial planning during a significant life change. This uniquely equips her to help clients find a clear path forward and walk ahead in confidence. Kim is committed to genuinely listening to her clients, helping them through whatever financial situations they may face and ensuring they get more peace of mind, knowing she won’t leave any stone unturned. 

Originally from the East Coast, both Kim and her husband met in San Diego through mutual friends. They, along with their dog, Fenway, have found their home in sunny San Diego. They love to travel, doing mostly active vacations with lots of hiking or skiing, good food and drink, and visiting family when they can, at least annually on either the east or west coast.

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