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Kim Benson Earns Certified Financial Transitionist Designation

It’s our pleasure to announce that Kim Benson, CFP®, CPA, has added the Certified Financial Transitionist® (CeFT®) designation to her title. The certification focuses on the personal aspects of financial planning during a significant life change, uniquely positioning Kim to help clients navigate such events as a career change or the loss of a loved one.

This achievement, which involved a yearlong course of training and exams, further demonstrates Kim’s commitment to helping her clients, and specifically women, through complex and often emotional transitions and the financial implications that come with them. We’re so proud of Kim for her hard work in reaching this milestone, one that will help our firm better understand the behavioral patterns and mindset of clients facing a difficult life change. As a CeFT®, her new skill set includes:

  • Familiarity with research-backed strategies that consider how individuals respond to stress and adapt to change.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the various stages clients experience during a significant life change. Providing structure to help clients manage priorities and expectations, including confusion during an uncertain time, processing their new reality, and reestablishing a financial routine around their needs.
  • Tools and approaches to help clients make important decisions during times of stress, or determining whether a pause in decision-making is warranted, with a goal of providing clients  the support they need to walk ahead in confidence.

Congratulations, Kim, on this exceptional accomplishment and further strengthening our firm’s commitment to our clients throughout their entire lifetime and all the chapters that may come.

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