Money Matters
Avoiding Investment Anguish
23 Mar 2016 by: jhurley

Unquestionably investors can experience emotional pain and anxiety when their investment reports show a loss in value of their investments due to market downturns. As…

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Ten Money Tips for the Young Professional
21 Mar 2016 by: jhurley

1.  Think long-term. Where do you want to be financially in five, 10, or 40 years? If you constantly focus on what you want immediately,…

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Downton Abbey—Lessons for Entrepreneurs
7 Mar 2016 by: jhurley

The final season of six years of Downton Abbey came to a close on March 6. This dramatic series introduced viewers to the upstairs and…

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How To Survive Buying Your First Home
2 Mar 2016 by: jhurley

By Matt Ryan For me, 2015 was a very eventful year. I graduated from college in May, travelled to 17 countries this past summer and…

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Money Dating –A Way to Stay Married and Financially On Track
8 Feb 2016 by: jhurley

In our financial planning practice, clients who consistently and frequently review and update their finances do much better in reaching financial objectives and arguing less…

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Highlights of Dr. Adibi’s January 27, 2016 Presentation
1 Feb 2016 by: jhurley

The Director of the Gary Anderson Center for Economic Research, economist Dr. Esmael Adibi was the entertaining and educational speaker for our Year in Review/…

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Avoiding Cyber Attacks
14 Jan 2016 by: jhurley

As cybercriminals become increasingly savvy, individuals need to be equally vigilant to prevent becoming a victim of cyber crime. The piece below from Freedman Financial…

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Smart Year-End Planning
9 Dec 2015 by: jhurley

We want to share an article we’ve adapted from, “A Baker’s Dozen: 13 Smart Planning Moves” written by Charles Sherry, M.Sc. for Horsesmouth ®. Enjoy!…

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This is the Time of Sharing – Research before Donating
12 Nov 2015 by: jhurley

Recently, bogus pleas from so-called individual “victims” on social media and crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe have increased, as well as predators looking to take advantage…

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Yikes, Disaster Strikes! How Prepared are you?
29 Oct 2015 by: jhurley

Living in San Diego County, we know that fire season is year round now, not just in November, and that our area is subject to…

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