Money Matters
Guidance from Warren Buffett
5 Oct 2015 by: jhurley

We are sending along this column as we admire Warren Buffett for his investment skills and some of his common sense advice. Enjoy! BY DREW HENDRICKS…

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Forty Random Acts of Kindness Mark 40 Years in Business for CCMI
2 Oct 2015 by: jhurley

This year is the fortieth year that Peg and Bob Eddy have provided financial advice to their clients. To celebrate this achievement, the CCMI team…

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The Wedding is Over … Now What?
3 Sep 2015 by: jhurley

Wedding vows mean different things to different people, but the legal and financial outcomes are the same. Inheritance of property, ability to make medical decisions,…

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What To Do In The Event Of A Data Breach
1 Jul 2015 by: jhurley

We thought we would share a piece written by financial writer, Miriam Rozen on what do in case of a data breach. Karen Schaeffer’s clients were…

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Nine Pointers for a Successful Retirement
22 Jun 2015 by: jhurley

Your mid-fifties is the ideal time to start planning for life after work, sometimes called “retirement”. At CCMI, we prefer to call the years after…

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Positive Report on DFA Funds
11 Jun 2015 by: jhurley

Morningstar, Inc., a leading provider of independent investment research and analysis, regularly reviews mutual funds companies as well as other investment options. Their June 9…

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Top 10 List: Lessons From Letterman’s Retirement
27 May 2015 by: jhurley

What can you learn about retirement from a late night TV icon?  Nancy Collamer’s Forbes online column from May 18, 2015 shares some great insights…

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Business Owners and Investors – Are you a Body Builder or a Farmer?
5 May 2015 by: jhurley

“We hired a private plane in the wee hours of the night to ship a medical device from California to Texas!  This extraordinary cost was…

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The Hidden Costs of Having a Baby
12 Mar 2015 by: jhurley

There are tons of articles that warn that the cost of raising a baby from birth to age 18 (or to college) is upwards of…

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Reflections on a Semester in Korea
12 Feb 2015 by: jhurley

A Special Guest Post By Kayley Edgin (Kayley Edgin, one of the two CCMI 2014 Summer Interns submitted this column  telling about her recent fall…

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