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A Few Tips for a Future Remodel

15 Feb 2019 by: Matt Showley 

As CCMI is going through our own office remodel, we thought it would be timely to share a few pointers to consider before undergoing your next remodel.

Remodeling a home can be stressful and a costly endeavor. Big, and sometimes quick, decisions will be made if you want to get things done and continue with your project.

Considering the following points prior to starting your remodel:

  • Communication is key. With whomever you work, make sure to set clear expectations and directions. By nailing down (pun intended!) the details and direction upfront, you can help avoid setbacks due to miscommunication or ambiguous design ideas.
  • Know your budget and do your best to stick to it. It can be extremely easy/tempting to go over budget during a remodel because of all the unexpected things that can come up. You should expect that the remodel will cost more than estimated and plan for it.
  • Find experienced contactors who have done well for others. Properly vet any contactors by looking at past work and checking with references. Good contractors can make or break a remodel. In the end, finding the right contactor who will do the job right the first time will save you time and money.
  • Plan ahead for furnishings and style. You will likely want the design and feel of your home to flow from one room to the other. Make sure the area of your home that you are renovating flows nicely from room to room by planning on how to integrate new furniture/décor with existing pieces in your home.
  • Contract details matter.  Having a questionable contract or no contract at all can lead to massive issues. Include in the contract start and completion dates for your different projects. Consider negotiating contingencies if the work is not done within the time frame specified.
  • Anticipate what’s missing during construction. Depending on the space you are remodeling, you may need to figure out a way to live without a kitchen or bathroom. These are great things to plan for BEFORE the work starts. For example, CCMI has been using an alternative meeting space on the 8th floor of our building since the beginning of construction.
  • Protect your valuables. With people going in and out of your home on a daily basis, be sure to put valuables in a safe place. Putting important documents in a safety deposit box, a safe or taking it to another location can help insure against theft.

With the proper planning, it is possible for a remodel to go smoothly.

CCMI’s own remodel is moving along well, thanks to planning ahead based on the principles above.  The contractors have finished drywall and started painting.  We look forward to completion of the remodel and how the space will create a better environment at CCMI to meet with our great clients.

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