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At the Firm

Brian attended a half-day training on the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS), which is something we have started implementing as part of our business planning.

In addition to holding ongoing meetings with clients, Kim has been working on improving processes around tax planning for clients to involve additional team members. She enjoyed her first month as an owner of the firm and appreciated all the kind words she received from clients.

Tina completed her master of science in financial and tax planning from San Diego State University. It was the culmination of a year-long dedication to attending class in person, studying in her free time, and completing the required coursework and tests.  She looks forward to using her advanced knowledge to implement strategies in financial plans and tax planning.

On the Home Front

Fall weekends mean lots of time spent at practices and games for sporting events for the Matter family. Emma is playing tennis and club soccer, Kai is playing baseball on a travel team and rec soccer, and Koa is playing rec soccer. Brian and Nikki enjoy watching their kids have fun in the sports they love, but they look forward to slower days ahead when weekends provide free time!

Matt Showley and his family had a mostly wonderful trip to Alaska, other than everyone catching COVID on the way there. Thankfully, all their activities were outdoors in nature so it didn’t impact the trip much and they all had fairly mild symptoms. They went kayaking, rafting, hiking, and fishing and saw a wide range of wildlife, including moose, bears, seals, bald eagles, hundreds of sea otters, and many more. It was a fun trip and nice break from the San Diego heat wave.

Kim and Tyler spent the Labor Day weekend in Borrego Springs celebrating a good friend’s birthday. There were nine adults and four kids playing games and enjoying a stay in a beautiful home. It was a bit too hot to stay outside for long periods of time, but fun was had by all!

Tina, Dave, Hanna, and Sara had fun visiting Yellowstone National Park; Big Sky, Montana; and Jackson, Wyoming. It was a great way to spend time as afamily, hiking, biking, floating, and exploring our beautiful country.

The Larsons enjoyed the start of the football season. They survived the heat and attended the SDSU opening game at Snapdragon Stadium. Even though the Aztecs lost, the stadium was amazing and they look forward to attending more games. Monica was able to connect with high school girlfriends for a brunch filled with laughter and memories. She also hosted a Sunday brunch for her entire family, including her brother and sister, who were in town from Boise, Idaho. Also included were the family dogs, Sierra and Barney!

Abby and her kids traveled to the beautiful island of Kauai at the beginning of the month. Abby and one of her daughters think it may be their favorite of all the Hawaiian Islands. There’s so much beauty everywhere you look! They were able to visit many beaches, do some hiking, snorkel, go tubing in the backcountry, and take an island tour by plane—a great way to get an aerial view of the island in an hour and plan the rest of the trip based on what you see. Overall, they had a wonderful time and will need to go back because the island can’t be covered in one week; there are more hikes to be had. The quality time Abby gets to spend with her kids is her favorite time!

Sheila’s family is getting back into the swing of things now that second grade is underway for Anastasia! Sheila is also very happy that one of her best friends who she grew up with in Massachusetts, Emily, is back in San Diego; her husband is a Marine colonel stationed at Camp Pendleton. Sheila followed Emily to San Diego years ago and ended up staying and meeting John, while Emily’s family left for their orders. Emily and her husband have three children and after being stationed in Virginia, North Carolina, Japan (mainland and Okinawa), Hawaii, and Newport, Rhode Island, they are back in San Diego where they started! The kids get along great and the two families have been able to spend some fun times together already.

The Hurley family had a fun visit to Palm Desert enjoying the warm weather poolside. Olivia and Gigi had a great time learning to play ping-pong and making Build-A-Bears. It was nice to relax a bit before the start of the new school year. Olivia loves her second grade class. Jessica sewed a new Harry Potter dress for Olivia’s first day of school that was a hit! The family also enjoyed a weekend camping in Julian with friends. They spent time hiking, barbecuing, and making art projects with the kids.

The Willifords enjoyed the new Wildlife Explorers Basecamp at the San Diego Zoo and the last few evenings of the Nighttime Zoo. Katie’s daughter, Ansley, expressed her excitement when she saw the giraffes eating their leafy dinner and the playful hippopotamuses digging in the sand. Some other highlights of the month included attending an Aztecs football game at Snapdragon and having a playdate with Ansley’s second cousin, who is close in age.

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