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Out & About – March 2021

30 Mar 2021 by: CCMI 

At the Firm

Brian attended the Schwab Advantage one-day conference virtually in March.  He was able to learn about Schwab’s latest updates and gain knowledge from thought leaders in the area of practice management, among other areas.  Brian looks forward to the days of conferences being in person!

Brian was also busy finishing up our annual amendments to the CCMI disclosure statement. Clients should have received an email with the updated information. If you missed that email, please let us know and we can direct you to the latest copy.

Kim is attending the Certified Financial Transitionist Mid-Year conference, where she will learn about helping clients who are experiencing transitions through major life changing events. Kim continues her coursework to become a Certified Financial Transitionist herself.

As president of Women In Business, and with the help of the wonderful board members, Kim and the group have begun thinking of ways to continue providing opportunities to meet up, whether on Zoom or in person if possible. A couple recent events included the Seven Bridge Walk in the Hillcrest area and attending an art exhibit at Balboa Park. Several of the members have been vaccinated, but they continue to mask up and stay safe.

Matt Ryan attended a seminar focused on tax planning for advisors. Given all the updates there have been, this served as a great refresher for Matt and he had a number of takeaways. This month was also busy from a financial planning standpoint, as March seemed to be the month many clients wanted to review their financial plans. 

It’s been a busy month at the firm, and what better way to learn then when it’s busy. Abby is getting acclimated and taking on more tasks independently. She looks forward to the day when the office is open again and she gets to meet the clients in person.    

On the Home Front

Matt Showley and his family finally were able to take their trip to Hawaii, which had been originally scheduled for March 2020. They visited the North Shore of Oahu near Turtle Bay as they’ve done for many years over spring break and had a relaxing stay on the quiet side of the island. They visited with friends and family who live in Hawaii and also took several hikes and a whale- watching cruise.

In March, Sheila, John, and Anastasia made it a family effort to cook for CCMI’s cooking class. Although it was a whirlwind in their kitchen, they multitasked, giving Anastasia her bath at the same time—and they were very excited to eat the meals for days after! Mid-month, they celebrated Sheila’s birthday the weekend of March 20-21 with activities close to home, including a movie “watch party” through Amazon Prime with some friends and a visit to Sea World. At the end of the month, the family rented a cabin in Big Bear and joined some of John’s work friends for tubing in the snow. It was the farthest trip they had taken since January and it was good to get out in the fresh air.

Baseball season is here, which means the Matter family was at a baseball field most weekends in March. Brian is managing his youngest son’s (Koa, age 8) team, and occasionally assisting with his older son’s (Kai, age 11) team. The league purchased neck gaiters for all participants and there is plenty of sanitizer at the fields, as everyone adjusts to activities while being cautious given the current circumstances.

The Larsons celebrated Mike’s birthday on St. Patrick’s Day with dinner and gifts: tools for his garage workshop. He and Monica are working on a list of items he can start building. Monica is working on picking her teams for the office March Madness competition! She may need to do some research besides watching SDSU Aztecs basketball.

Kim and Tyler spent a long weekend in Idyllwild, where they enjoyed a nice outside dinner at a restaurant for the first time in a while! They took their dog Fenway and enjoyed some hiking and relaxing at their rented cabin.  They invited Matt Ryan, Jess, and baby Reid over for pizza one night, as they happened to be there at the same time!

Abby’s clan has stayed pretty consistent, with the routine of spending time getting together for food, biking, hiking, and just enjoying time together. Also, at least one day out of the weekend, Abby makes it a point to get to dog beach so her fur baby can enjoy as well. There is something positive she’s taken from this period of time with the pandemic and having to quarantine: getting to spend more quality time with her kids. For those who have young adult children, you know spending time with them is tough when they are paving their own way, so Abby is loving and thoroughly enjoying that part of the ongoing situation.

Matt Ryan, his wife, and his new baby boy took a long weekend and stayed in a cabin up in Idyllwild. They enjoyed hiking through the mountains and did a lot of reading. As noted above, they also met up with Kim Benson and her husband Tyler for dinner, since they happened to be there at the same time. They also enjoyed the CCMI cooking event earlier in the month, Kim is pictured during the calm before the storm!




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