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Out & About – February 2021

24 Feb 2021 by: CCMI 

At the Firm

Brian is pleased to report that he passed the exam for the Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) designation. You can read about what that means for CCMI’s clients here.

Brian attended a Schwab compliance seminar with updates on rules, regulations, and focus areas for the SEC in 2021. As Chief Compliance Officer, Brian is always working to improve the firm’s compliance and keep up with the ever-changing rules. 

The CCMI team completed a midyear check-in on goals. Every year the team puts together individual goals and the midyear check-in is a time to see what additional support is needed to help the team achieve its goals. 

Brian also started serving as a board member of the San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Foundation. He was elected to a term that starts in July 2021, but due to the unexpected departure of another board member, Brian was asked to start early. He is happy to serve in this role, helping to provide oversight to gifts made through the San Diego Downtown Breakfast Rotary Club, where Brian has been a member for many years. 

Matt Ryan continues to make video content for CCMI’s marketing efforts. He enjoys making these educational videos and is aiming to answer questions he frequently receives from clients. His latest video is up on the website now. Click here to watch!

Matt Showley continues to enjoy and get great value out of his time in Vistage, a group of business owners from a range of industries that meets a few times each month. As a volunteer for Junior Achievement, Matt was reassigned from Torrey Pines High School to San Diego High School (SDHS) to help a group of freshmen begin a four-year entrepreneurship track through JA’s Company Program. Matt is also working with a group of seniors at SDHS to help them prepare for JA’s Stock Market Challenge where the students will learn the fundamentals of investing, culminating in a live stock market simulation in late March. The mania surrounding GameStop’s stock roller coaster served as a great backdrop for their most recent discussion.

In February, Kim has been working closely with clients and CPAs to help provide tax information for 2020 tax returns. She’s continuing her yearlong coursework on her Certified Financial Transitionist credential, learning about transition traits this month and continuing to get to know the community of advisors from around the world. Kim is excited about learning tools to help clients through a variety of life transitions.

It’s been a busy month, but everyone works together as a team and gets it done! Abby has truly enjoyed her first five months with CCMI and is proud to be part of the team. She continues to learn as much as she can and is looking forward to a great year.  

On the Home Front

In February, Sheila, John, and Anastasia celebrated John’s birthday with Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups from Cold Stone Creamery. Mid-month, Anastasia had a busy day on February 11 celebrating her 100th day of kindergarten, where the kids were tasked with decorating a T-shirt with 100 items. Anastasia chose to decorate her shirt with 100 Christmas present labels and wore her shirt proudly for her Zoom session. She was also very excited to decorate a shoebox for exchanging Valentine’s with other kiddos at her afternoon program. They continue to have weekend Zoom sessions with family and Friday night s’mores in the backyard, and they still enjoy visits from their neighbor’s cat, one-eyed Jack.

The Matter family continues to look for opportunities to be active in the outdoors. Brian’s family took a Valentine’s Day hike in the Laguna Mountains and enjoyed the patches of snow that were left from previous storms. The following day, they enjoyed the outdoors at Liberty Station, where the kids could bike and skateboard, while Brian and Nikki enjoyed trying to keep up while walking. Brian’s boys, Kai (11) and Koa (8), are looking forward to playing baseball, which is starting back up with masks, distancing, and plenty of sanitizer after last year, when the season was shut down early due to the pandemic.

The Showley home remodel is in the home stretch with about two months to go. In the meantime, the family is hopeful they will get to resume their annual spring break trip to Hawaii in March; they are getting excited about their first trip since COVID began. Also, Matt was finally able to get back out on the golf course for the first time in 2021, which was great!

Abby’s clan has a new addition, a cute little Morkie named Anza. Though it’s Abby’s son and his girlfriend’s dog, they love her all the same! Abby’s dog Nai is actually scared of her. She’s 10 times her size, but as you might be able to tell from the picture, she’s not a big fan. She’s a playful little thing and brings lots of joy.  Abby and her kids find fun things to do together on the weekends, including watching the Super Bowl together and eating a lot of good food. They always fit in bike rides, and will do a hike—since biking and hiking are fun pastimes for them all.

Matt Ryan took a couple Fridays off in February to spend time with his wife and newborn son. On one of those days, they spent the morning up in Leucadia at one of their favorite breakfast/coffee shops, Pannikin Coffee & Tea. He highly recommends the coffee cake.

Kim and Tyler continue to look for ways to be social with friends in a safe way by having one or two of them over at a time, while they hang out outside by the firepit. They also enjoyed watching Tom Brady win yet another Super Bowl, even if it wasn’t for the Patriots, staying true to their New England roots. Kim continues to bike with hopes of completing an organized 100-mile century ride at some point this year, while Tyler completed the Mission Trails 5-Peak Challenge in one day—almost 20 miles!

Trying to stay healthy in the new year, Monica has started cooking a vegan meal each Sunday. Included is doing meal prep for the upcoming week’s lunches. Monica and Mike celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary this month with takeout dinner from one of their favorite restaurants (not vegan). Monica took a staycation and spent the week sleeping in, catching up with friends, and finishing long overdue projects.

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