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Spotlight: Monica Larson

19 Mar 2020 by: Monica Larson 

This week, our spotlight series continues with Monica Larson, who celebrated her 10 year work anniversary with CCMI last week!

  1. What is a day in your CCMI life like? I usually arrive at work by 7:30 a.m. The first thing I do is read emails and Schwab messages/alerts. I will follow up with the advisors and other team members as needed. I check the calendar and make sure everything is ready and printed for the day’s meetings. I help Katie answer phones and greet clients. I also work with advisors when we have new Investment Management clients by preparing Schwab forms and CCMI internal documents. My other duties include being of service to our clients by sending scheduling emails, proofreading financial plans, preparing annual review materials and assisting clients with ongoing Schwab forms and questions.
  2. Give us a little insight into your family. Kids? Dogs? Cats? My husband Mike and I were set up on a blind date 30 years ago and have been married for 27 years. We have two sons, Alex (25) and Cole (23) who have made their way back home to live with us after both graduated college. We have a Jack Russell named Dash who is 14 years old – yes, he is 98 in dog years. Last year, Alex rescued a puppy named Sierra, who besides eating socks and running away, has been a fun addition to the family.
  3. What is your favorite part about CCMI? My favorite part of CCMI is the people I work with and the clients we serve. I enjoy getting to know our clients and making them feel at home in the office. I am grateful for the time I have spent working and learning besides current and former CCMI team members.
  4. What is your favorite Jersey Mike’s sandwich? I like going to Jersey Mike’s on my lunch hour to meet my husband who also works in Mission Valley. Sometimes we just need 30 minutes to talk without the distractions of home and family. I get the #7-Mike’s Way, minus the tomatoes.
  5. What is your favorite charity/non-profit and why? My favorite charity is the Whispering Winds Woman’s Auxiliary. The purpose of the Auxiliary is to contribute to the growth of the Whispering Winds Camp in the Cuyamaca mountains through prayer and fellowship. We raise money for camp scholarships which may be used by Military families, families with special needs children and many others. I enjoy volunteering at the camp each summer by doing crafts with the kids on Saturday afternoons.
  6. What do you do on a typical day when you are not at the office? I like to spend my days off at home with my family and dogs. I like to work on projects around the house which might include baking, decorating, crafting or working in the garden. My recent attempts in the kitchen include decorating sugar cookies with royal icing and making freezer jam. I also work out with a group of girlfriends three days a week which usually involves a lot of laughter.
  7. Where did you go on your favorite vacation and where do you want to go next? I have enjoyed all our family road trip vacations over the years. One of our best road trips was driving cross country to Wisconsin. Our trip included stops in Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Mt. Rushmore and a bunch of small ordinary towns. My favorite thing to do on road trips is to find off-the-beaten-path locations to visit. Places I hope to visit someday include Alaska, the Canadian Rockies and the Northeast coast.
  8. What is interesting about you that not many people know? As the mom of two boys, I spent many years building Legos with them. Recently, Alex and Cole have started buying me Lego sets each Christmas. I have boxes and boxes of Legos in the garage that I hope to one day use to decorate an entire Christmas tree with Lego ornaments.
  9. What is a piece of financial advice that you received either when you were younger or while at CCMI that you apply in your financial life today? While working at CCMI over the past 10 years, the best advice I have been given is to stay calm during market fluctuations. Remember you have a plan and stick to it. I have been known to tell family and friends to turn off the news and go for a walk.

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This week, our spotlight series continues with Monica Larson, who celebrated her 10 year work anniversary with CCMI last week! What is a day in…