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CCMI’s Open House and Gathering for Good

6 Jun 2019 by: Matt Showley 

In late May CCMI hosted an open house for our newly re-designed office. In addition to highlighting our renovated office, we wanted to assist local charities with the help of our clients. This was our Open House and Gathering for Good event!

The CCMI team was excited to show the remodeled space to clients and friends of the firm. The building provided CCMI with a generous budget as part of the lease renewal completed in 2018, and CCMI decided to use that in an attempt to make better use of some of the funny angles incorporated in the building design, along with adding more color to the office.

The remodeling process was delayed a few times as a result of changing building management, but once the project started it went relatively smoothly.  CCMI moved back in to the space in mid-March and then set out to find pictures and furniture to fit the new space. Even a month or two after moving in we found that there were little decisions to make like finding door stops that work on carpet, trash cans that match the color scheme, and pillows that match the sofa and chairs.

Although the process was lengthy, the CCMI team had a great attitude and was able to enjoy the transition period. The open house was the perfect ending to the remodel and it went wonderfully. Not only was the remodeled space appreciated by all who visited, but it fit the Gathering for Good theme really well. In each remodeled area of the office guests could explore and participate in an activity that benefited a local non-profit organization.  The large conference room, now with blue and gray walls, was for enjoying the delicious appetizers and drinks. Monica’s new office was the space for assembling pet-adoption kits for Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. In the small conference room, although it is no longer small, guests assembled hygiene kits for Serving Seniors which provides programs and services to seniors living in poverty.  In the “new” open work area, which was originally two offices, guests assembled college preparation backpacks filled with school supplies for Reality Changers. Reality Changers provides disadvantaged youth academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training to become college graduates.


All guests were asked to complete their “Passport to Service” by checking off that they completed two bags for each charity and to list their favorite charity for a chance at winning a contribution to that organization.  We held a drawing after the event and are pleased to announce that Voices for Children is the winning charity which will receive a $100 donation.

Overall, we created 200 bags of important gifts for EACH of these three great charities.  We thank everyone who stopped by for our event! For those of you who were unable to make it, know that you were missed and that we are looking forward to showing you our new space during your next meeting.

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