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Forty Random Acts of Kindness Mark 40 Years in Business for CCMI

2 Oct 2015 by: jhurley 

This year is the fortieth year that Peg and Bob Eddy have provided financial advice to their clients. To celebrate this achievement, the CCMI team decided to perform forty random acts of kindness during the forty days leading up to the celebration on Saturday, September 26.

We don’t often blow our own horn, but we wanted to share some of these kind acts to serve as proof that doing something kind doesn’t take a lot of time or money.  Here are a few of the forty:

M – gave her lunch to a homeless pregnant woman on the street.

B – paid for an active duty military individual to participate in a chipping contest at a golf event; the military golfer chipped in to win a bottle of wine for his wife and himself.

M – went out of his way to deliver a sensitive piece of mail to one of his neighbors that was mis-delivered to his home several times; the printed address was incorrect and he tracked down the correct address by doing an online search.

B – retraced his steps to give a waiter at a restaurant in Copenhagen a tip for service-he had been told by a guide that tips were included in the meal cost; they weren’t and B went back a day later to reward the young man.

P – helped a young man in a wheelchair exit an elevator and held his crutches for his sister who was trying to get him off the elevator.

M – stopped to give directions at the mall to a lost tourist.

E – allowed a Vons’s customer in front of her in the check-out line to use E’s Vons’s card so the customer could get the discount.

B-  paid the parking fee for a fellow Rotarian in the car behind him as they left their weekly meeting.

P – helped a tourist in a wheelchair to negotiate her way to sightseeing spots on tour in St. Petersburg.

M – donated her loose change to two young women collecting for their church.

E – provided food to a San Diego family in need after both parents lost their jobs.


These are only 12 of the 40 acts of kindness that the CCMI team performed most recently. We continue to try to look for small ways to make life a bit easier for folks we encounter during the day!  We have found it to be very rewarding, fulfilling, and fun.

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