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Are You and Your Family Prepared?
16 Oct 2019 by: Kim Benson

We’ve recently seen news about intentional power outages in Northern California due to high winds creating a potential fire hazard. These Santa Ana winds often…

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The WannaCry Cyber-Attack – Are You Prepared For Cyber Threats?
17 May 2017 by: Matt Showley

  The weekend of May 12 to May 14 was a scary time for internet users all over the world. Starting Friday afternoon and continuing…

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Yikes! Your house is flooding! What do you do next?
15 Mar 2017 by: jhurley

  By Katie Williford As the water continues to flow, the anxiety and stress are building and you’ve probably said a few things that you…

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Cyber Crime! Protect Your Personal Information!
24 Feb 2017 by: jhurley

As the problem of cyber fraud is becoming more prevalent, cybersecurity is a constant concern for all of us. Keeping personal financial information confidential is…

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Avoiding Cyber Attacks
14 Jan 2016 by: jhurley

As cybercriminals become increasingly savvy, individuals need to be equally vigilant to prevent becoming a victim of cyber crime. The piece below from Freedman Financial…

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Yikes, Disaster Strikes! How Prepared are you?
29 Oct 2015 by: jhurley

Living in San Diego County, we know that fire season is year round now, not just in November, and that our area is subject to…

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What To Do In The Event Of A Data Breach
1 Jul 2015 by: jhurley

We thought we would share a piece written by financial writer, Miriam Rozen on what do in case of a data breach. Karen Schaeffer’s clients were…

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