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Out & About — November 2020

30 Nov 2020 by: CCMI 

At the Firm

As a follow-up to the October cookie bakeoff, the CCMI team held a chili cookoff competition in November. It was close, but Matt Showley ultimately won based on the opinions of our two judges.

Brian, Matt Showley, Kim, and Matt Ryan finished up the remaining portions of the Schwab Impact virtual conference in early November. As the conference was virtual, Schwab held sessions over multiple weeks rather than a condensed time period. The most interesting sessions took place after the election, providing direction on how policy changes may impact the investment markets and financial planning in coming years.

Brian participated in interviews for LEAD San Diego to determine which non-profits will be selected as partner agencies to work with LEAD Impact students during their year in the LEAD program. Brian, Matt S., and Kim are graduates of the LEAD Impact program and still stay involved with the organization to assist in building better leaders in the San Diego community.

Brian attended a webinar of regulatory updates in early November to make sure the firm continues to stay in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

This month for Abby has been full of learning, training, and getting acclimated to her new job. She really likes the work and loves working with the CCMI team; everyone has been helpful and supportive. She enjoys learning about the financial planning and investment management world and all that has to offer. By training and seeing how the operations work, she totally understands why CCMI stands out as the best in the industry. She’s in awe of how efficiently her teammates work and the level of accuracy in everything they do. Big thumbs up to her new work home!  

Kim is pursuing a new designation as a complement to the CFP® designation called a Certified Financial Transitionist (CeFT). It begins with a one-year core curriculum to provide tools and training on how to better help clients navigate life events and the financial transitions that accompany them. Kim is looking forward to learning more about how she can better serve clients in these situations.

Matt Ryan has been working on a number of projects for the firm. He is working to make the scheduling tool more efficient as well as to increase the efficiency of the rebalancing software, given that every portfolio is specifically tailored for each client.

On the Homefront

Brian’s family visited Death Valley National Park over an extended weekend in November. The Matter family felt comfortable in the huge outdoor area with minimal people visiting Death Valley this time of year. They enjoyed lots of hikes, checking out the unusual rock formations, sunrises/sunsets over the desert landscape, stargazing, and the highlight was exploring various slot canyons—which required some climbing.

The Larson family was busy in November helping Alex and his puppy Sierra move out to their own apartment. Monica couldn’t resist helping with the decorating of the new place. They had a nice Thanksgiving with Monica’s immediate family in town. Monica started her Christmas shopping and decorating like usual in an unusual year.

Matt R. and his wife Jess are expecting their little one in December. They had a drive-by baby shower in October that was fall themed, decorated with pumpkins, hay bales, and cornstalks. They are becoming increasingly excited and can’t wait to meet their baby boy.

Matt S. and his family are excited to watch the progress on their home remodel. The second story framing and roof are nearly complete, just in time for the rain that arrived this month. There’s still a long way to go, but it’s so fun to see the structure take shape and be able to walk upstairs amid the rough wood framing. In mid-November, Matt also had a three-day golf outing in San Diego (rather than traveling elsewhere) — his 15th annual golf trip with a group of college friends.

At the end of October for Halloween, Sheila put on cat ears and a cat facemask in solidarity with Anastasia, who dressed up as her neighbor’s cat, One-eyed Jack. They joined a friend at a small outdoor party, where they trick-or-treated around the cul-de-sac and at a few designated houses where residents were waiting for them. During November, Sheila, John, and Anastasia mostly stayed close to home, but they were able to book the shallow end of the Point Loma YMCA pool to themselves on a Friday night. It was a nice chance for them to go swimming again, even though the pool is outdoors!

Kim and several friends took an early morning train to San Juan Capistrano with their bikes and rode down to Old Town San Diego for a total of 80 miles! They obtained bike passes to allow them to ride through Camp Pendleton for part of the ride, which was better than riding on the 5 freeway! She hopes to do an organized 100-mile bike ride in 2021 once things get back to normal.

Kim and Tyler hosted Thanksgiving with their close friends, who take turns hosting each year. They also hosted a separate small gathering with a couple neighbors who did not have any plans for the holiday. It was nice to safely meet in person and enjoy good company!

There’s never a dull moment on the homefront for Abby and her family — they always keep busy! They are getting ready for the holidays; everything is well and all are healthy.

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