aLana hall


Alana joined the CCMI team in 2023. Her role as a paraplanner is critical to the team, allowing financial advisors to focus on client relationships and strategic decision-making by handling the administrative and technical aspects of financial planning. She provides essential support, assisting with research and analysis, preparing reports, and developing comprehensive financial plans. 

Alana received a bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in international studies from Western Washington University before moving to San Diego for personal growth and good weather. She is currently studying to obtain her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation, with intention of becoming certified in 2024. 

Alana was raised on an alpaca farm located at the base of Mount Rainier near Seattle. Her upbringing instilled her strong work ethic and appreciation for the value of money. Alana’s love for financial planning was sparked when she designed a financial literacy program for residents of affordable housing—a project that proved to be one of the most popular programs within the non-profit she worked with at the time.

Her travel adventures have helped deepen her understanding of worldwide financial markets and allow her to bring a global perspective to her work. Before settling in San Diego, Alana embarked on a transformative experience, studying Spanish and economics in Barcelona, Spain. She has also journeyed across Europe, Thailand, and Cambodia. Today, she embraces the coastal lifestyle, scuba diving, and surfing when she can. 

Alana finds immense joy in empowering others to understand the possibilities their money can unlock. Her empathetic nature and genuine care for her clients make her a trusted partner on their financial journeys. 

“CCMI is unique because our financial advisory team leads with compassion and understanding. My focus is to understand your goals and empower you to envision a future of greater financial possibilities.”

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