Are You A HENRY?

You’re a Total HENRY!

So you’ve got the foundation in place and have taken the DIY approach thus far, and you seem to be doing well. However, you may be able to do some fine-tuning to your financial engine. Review our checklist below to help you along the road. Ready to pick up some speed?

Reach out to our advisors, who specialize in working with HENRYs (high earners, not rich yet). There is no better feeling than working with someone whose entire job is to help you optimize your finances.

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Maximize Your Retirement Contributions

  • Consider making the maximum annual contribution to your retirement account.
  • Find ways to increase what you save in the future, such as when you get a bump in salary or by leveraging a healthcare savings account. 
  • Ensure you’re taking advantage of any matching your employer provides, which is free money you could be leaving on the table.

Nail Down Your Goals and Spending Plan

Put Your Excess Cash Flow to Work for You

  • Should You Invest or Pay Down Debt? When you have excess cash flow, determine, possibly with an advisor, if you should pay down existing debt first, save in a tax-efficient investment account, or continue growing your emergency fund.