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Spotlight: Matt Ryan

15 Apr 2020 by: Matt Ryan 

This week out spotlight series continues Matt Ryan!

What is a day in your CCMI life like?

The great thing about working at a boutique financial planning and wealth management firm is that every day is different and there are always new projects going on. As an advisor, I have a chance to work directly with our clients daily to help meet their needs. I’m either connecting with clients in meetings, through email, or on the phone.  Additionally, I help to develop financial plans, rebalance portfolios, or make trades to create cash at a client’s request. A typical day usually consists of participating in at least one in-person client meeting (except for now while we are hosting all our meetings virtually to adhere to social distancing protocol), answering client emails, and working on whatever project is a priority – researching an investment, writing recommendations for a financial plan, helping with the marketing efforts of the firm, or developing compliance procedures.

Give us a little insight to your family. Kids? Dogs? Cats?

My wolfpack of one has recently grown into a wolfpack of two. I married my wife and best friend Jess in March of 2019. We live in Point Loma and love going to the beach, hosting friends at our house, and staying active by working out and utilizing all the great hiking trails that San Diego has to offer.

What is your favorite part about CCMI?

This may sound like the cliché answer, but our clients and my coworkers are actually what makes CCMI special to me.

What is your favorite Jersey Mike’s sandwich?

Number 13 which is an Original Italian on rosemary parmesan bread, lettuce, onions, pickles, banana peppers, oregano, salt and pepper, mustard, mayo and light on the juice. I’ll take the meal deal and grab the two chocolate chip cookies instead of the chips.

What is your favorite charity/non-profit and why?

My favorite non-profit is the San Diego Zoo. I’ve been a Keeper’s Club member for a while now and I really enjoy walking around the park to see the animals.

What do you do on a typical day when you are not at the office?

On my days off, I’m usually at the beach with my wife Jess. In the summer, we play quite a bit of beach volleyball with friends. I also try to find a way to get out on a hiking trail.

Where did you go on your favorite vacation and where do you want to go next?

Jess and I love Hawaii as a vacation destination and we have each been multiple times. We went together for the first time in the summer of 2018 for a friend’s wedding. We stayed on the island of Kauai and had a blast. We love the weather, the people, and the whole experience of being on vacation in Hawaii. We went on our second Hawaii trip to Kona in late 2019 and look forward to booking another trip soon.

What is interesting about you that not many people know?

This is going to come across as very nerdy but I’m actually quite good at Sudoku puzzles. I have finished several of the Sudoku books that you buy when you’re at the airport waiting for your delayed flight. I can also finish the hardest level the newspaper can throw at me.

What is a piece of financial advice that you received either when you were younger or while at CCMI that you apply in your financial life today?

When I was younger, my mom took me to the bank and taught me what a certificate of deposit was. I was probably 7 or 8 at the time but the lesson stuck with me. I was able to put my $100 or so in a CD and I started collecting interest for doing nothing! Then, as soon as that rolled over, the interest began paying interest. I didn’t know this at the time, but I was learning about the power of compound interest and the benefit of investing at an early age. I think that experience began my journey towards becoming a financial advisor so that I could help others understand the benefits of saving, investing and making smart financial decisions.


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